Rubber Mat
August 29, 2018
Rubber Skid
August 29, 2018

Rubber Lining is an application method used to protect multiple types of systems by lining corrosion and abrasion-resistant rubber upon the surface or inside of pipes and tanks.

Lining is done by hand by our experienced staff for a durable finished product, so having application accuracy by qualified liners and crews are a must.

The equipments to be lined, working conditions and environment are different for each customer. Therefore, selecting the most suitable material is a crucial procedure that we provide to cater to their specifications.

Operational Benefits of Rubber Lining

The principal benefits of rubber lining are its excellent resistance to corrosive and abrasive chemicals and materials, e.g. acids, alkalis, salt water, slurries, sand, shotblast media, crushed rock etc. In addition rubber linings provide other benefits including noise and vibration reduction, electrical and thermal insulation and product protection.